See what the Bad Bitches are saying...


"Working with Haylee & Bad Bitch Branding was one of the best calls I've made in my business. I originally come from the advertising world so I always knew that branding was important, but going through Haylee's course really opened my eyes. I thought I had it covered!  When I took the time to think about my true differentiators, though, I realized that there was a lot of work to do.  

Luckily, Haylee's content and her 1x1 time helped me to kick my business up a level.  I learned the ins and outs of branding.  Instead of just a quick brand guide that I may have gotten from someone else in the market, Haylee & BBB took the time to teach me, giving me the skills that will last a lifetime. 

I am so excited by the work that we've done together, and I couldn't recommend her more highly to ladies who want to uplevel their businesses. She is truly amazing."


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"Haylee is articulate, motivated and lit a spark in my business spirit. It was so empowering to be with a collective of women who have such unique concepts. I feel like I have inspiration at my finger tips to create an amazing brand for my holistic salon concept. Thank you Haylee for your beautiful energy and dedication to helping women shine their light! So worth my time."



"Through Haylee's teaching came an understanding of the difference between marketing & branding (I had no idea!) Even just following along with the slides brought on a vast amount of creative ideas & a clear authentic knowing of what I wanted my business to be & how I wanted to continue through the worksheets to find out how exactly to depict & express that. That is a hell of a gift she gave me!"

Lia Whitford


"Haylee has a way of taking a few scattered ideas and making them into a meaningful, cohesive design. She uses her skills to uncover what you want to communicate, and sculpts your brand until it's perfect."


"Haylee Powers has completely changed my business and the vision going forward for my business. I have a vending machine company and honestly there’s not much room for me to stand out in the industry! After only our second session I know have a whole new vision for my business that sets me apart! Haylee has helped me put a huge goal and mix it into my vending business that will create a whole different area for me to stand out! I now love my business again because she has helped me find a larger purpose and we are creating it to now be something I’m passionate about. I could not say enough amazing things about Haylee! Haylee is your go to if you want to stand out in your industry and be a Bad Bitch!!"

Ann Hughes


"I've had one call with Haylee. I've heard many of the things we spoke about but she put clarity to it all. I was able to implement it right away and have finally found my brand and who I can help. I'm a children's photographer so I had a hard time standing out from the rest of them. Now I see what I can offer that no one else can. I can't wait to see what else we can work on."


"As a creative entrepreneur, working on brand is my favorite part of my business, but I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to making confident decisions. I didn't know Brand Coaching even existed, but I am so grateful for Haylee's unique approach to this work. BBB's program was the perfect combination of practical steps and personalized coaching that I needed to refine my brand and be confident in my own bad-assery as a fem-entrepreneur."

Lizzie Bourque