My name is Haylee Powers I am an Emmy award-winning designer with over 6 years of experience in motion design, graphic design, branding and brand strategy. When I sat down to create this program, I was drained from not being challenged enough at my day job.  I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives and I wanted to make a difference in my own. I wanted to work harder, I wanted to help people.. Specifically women.

I wanted to create something BADASS.


When I say I “sat down” to create this program, what I really mean is that I slaved over it for a over a year, re-writing and studying, passing it off to friends and family, cutting pieces out, adding other pieces and working through the workbook I had created, starting my online coaching and working on that for months only to throw it away and start a new format.


I appreciate all of you solopreneurs because I know starting businesses and bringing your ideas to life can be exhausting... Just plain hard. You might want to give up at least 3 times a week. I wanted to give up, I still want to give up all of the time. I want to give up, until I meet the women who come to my workshops or who I coach. Everything seems to be worth it when I sit down and listen to each of your stories, each of your passions.. And, its strange.. When I sit down with the solopreneurs I coach or when the workshop ends and all of the champagne is gone… you all tell me the same thing… “I want to help people.” I agree, I have always wanted to help people and I DEFINITELY want to help people that are helping people.  So here we are together!


I am proud of Bad Bitch Branding, but I am mostly proud of the people who it brings together.. A LOT of Bad Bitches wanting to make the world a better place. Together we are stronger.


Who was this coaching program made for?

I created this coaching program for the overworked, over-stressed, hard working Bad Bitch Solopreneur. I have a friend who single handedly runs her own business, which is no easy feat. Every time I see her, she is taking on new roles in the business. She needs a plumber, so a plumber she becomes… She is the one who manages the finances, the ads, getting the new leads, the cleaning, the customer service.. And you get the picture.. I could go on all day.. She is tired, and she is overworked. She doesn't have time to sit online and read through branding blogs or time to go to her local library and sit in the branding section. She needs a straightforward branding guide, she needs to know what she needs to know.. And that is it.

I know that balancing admin work, creating relationships with clients and attendees, keeping up on your instagram, (one person said she posts 3-4 times a day), going to meetings every week, re-working your material, learning how to be a public speaker, learning facebook ads, making valuable connections (the list could go on alll day…) and trying kick some ass… IS HARD.


I say all of this to let you know, I get it.

With all of the business endeavors spinning around in my head, all of the stuff I knew I needed to learn.. I knew I had one thing nailed down pretty well.. And that was branding. So I used my skill and experience to create something for solopreneurs that works in a simple format for the overworked!


Why Branding?

I love branding because it creates a quality experience and evokes an emotion in the customer. I am a NERD when it comes to branding. The way that you can control the perception of your brand or product through the way you design and strategize is mesmerizing to me. I love that brand strategist have studied neuroscience and psychology to create a deeper understanding of how our brain works as it relates to brands we love and choose over and over again. I love that design is used as a tool to create something beautiful but taken a step further design is a tool combined with strategy to make real impact on the world and on customers. My favorite clients to work with both in coaching and in design are clients who give a shit! Clients who want the world to be a better place.


I have experience with working for major companies as big as CBS and startups with as little as three employees, I’ve also worked one on one with solopreneurs through my brand coaching and workshops.

If you would like to know more about what I can do for your brand, contact me below!